Role and Responsibility of AI Scientists and Communicators in Engaging with the Public

  • Workshop
  • Parallelsession

Emmanuel Senft | IDIAP Forschungsinstitut & Junge Akademie Schweiz , Pamela Delgado | HES-SO Fachhochschule Wallis & Junge Akademie Schweiz

In light of the rapid advancements and transformative potential of artificial intelligence, the role and responsibility of AI scientists and communicators in effectively engaging with the public have never been more critical. This workshop aims to bring forward this discussion. It will start with a panel discussion featuring science journalists and AI researchers, who will discuss the challenges and responsibilities in public engagement and the strategies for clear and accessible communication, welcoming questions from the audience. We will then follow with breakout discussions in groups about these topics and the outcome of the panel. Finally, we will wrap up the workshop by sharing the group discussions in a plenary session. Open to anyone interested in or concerned about AI, experts or not, this workshop aims to simplify the interaction between AI experts and the broader community, fostering a more informed and engaged public dialogue on the advancements and impacts of AI.

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