What is ScienceComm?

  • The Swiss annual congress of science communication

What are its tasks and objectives?

  • Networking the players in science communication
  • Exchange of experiences between the three language and cultural regions
  • Platform for expert discussions
  • Establishing a dialogue and spreading the word about new tools and trends in science communication

Who are the target groups?
Everyone who finds science communication important and fascinating, such as:

  • Scientists
  • Communications professionals
  • Journalists
  • Reporters and PRs from research and cultural institutions
  • Research and education ministers
  • Museum representatives
  • Artists and persons engaged in the cultural sector
  • The private sector

Additional key data:

  • Held annually in September
  • Takes place over 1 to 1.5 day
  • Attracts approx. 200 participants
  • Held at different venues across Switzerland
  • Focus issues change every year