21st and 22nd of Septembre 2017 in the Landhaus of Solothurn

Show Me Science ! : ScienceComm’17 has been given a facelift.

This year there is going to be more participation and interactions. We shall learn even more from each other and get acquainted with one another. Participative formats will prevail in 2017.

The conference will start Thursday 21st of September in the afternoon and end on Friday evening of the 22nd of September.

The motto of ScienceComm’17 is “Show Me Science!”: what role plays science communication in this period of “anything goes“? Is this an opportunity for the science for growing awareness and to position itself: “It’s science. It works. We show you how!”?

What is the significance of factual knowledge, truths and emotions? How do we maximize the alternative facts? How to communicate to the society that science is based on evidences, that it is in a constant state of flux and that is as it should be?