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75-minute session in which participants work on a topic in depth with the support of the convenor. Various interactive methods are used in the workshops. They are described in more detail in the abstract.

Dialogue Session

In the Dialogue Session, several projects are given a platform. All dialogue leaders have 2 minutes in the plenary to to pitch their projects to the audience. The participants then are free to decide which project they would like to learn more about and then participate in discussions with other interested parties at a table. After approximately 15 minutes, the participants are free to rotate to another project discussion.

Speed Talk Session

In the Speed Talk Session, participants will hear short talks lasting no more than 7 minutes followed by maximum 5 minutes for questions and answers.


Professionally moderated and controversial debates: Experts discuss relevant topics; the audience will have the opportunity to contribute and comment.

Language and simultaneous translation

The Congress is multilingual. Each event is held in the language of the title in the program. The plenary sessions and the talks will be simultaneously translated (Ω) into German (d) and French (f). Workshops and interactive formats, networking and the contributions in English (e) will not be translated.


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