Focus    I trust Science, but …

When and where   19th and 20th of September 2019, Volkshaus Biel 


The 8th edition of ScienceComm focused on trust and contradictions in the sciences and our lives. Nowadays, sciences and their "products" are present in almost all areas of life and strongly influence our lives. The trust of the Swiss population in the sciences is high in international comparison. However, Mike S. Schäfer and Philipp Burkard also noted "... that complete, quasi blind trust is not at all desirable from the point of view of democratic theory: some of the decision-makers, the stakeholders, but also the citizens may, indeed must, take a critical look at science and its developments. A dialogue between science and society is even becoming more and more important due to the rapid scientific and technical development - for the benefit of society, but also of science itself."

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